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Citra Table

File NameDescriptionDate Published
CitraTable4_13Eval.zipCitra Table version 4.13 evaluation13 Jun 2017
citratable-debug.jarCitra Table version 4.13 binaries (DEBUG)13 Jun 2017

Citra Pivot

File NameDescriptionDate Published
CitraPivot1_9_2Eval.zipCitra Pivot version 1.9.2 evaluation21 Feb 2016

Citra Table - com.sciapp package

Files below are for developers wishing to use the com.sciapp package instead of the new com.citra.

File NameDescriptionDate Published
tablelibeval.jarTable Library version 4.13 jar patch file (evaluation)13 Jun 2017

Change Logs

Download latest Citra Table changelog

Download latest Citra Pivot changelog