Citra Technologies

Citra Pivot change log

21/02/2016 - version 1.9.2

-Fixed a bug with PivotTable showing hidden columns when it is shown.

19/02/2016 - version 1.9.1

-Added option to hide the expanded member in the column header.
-Fixed a bug with DefaultOlapProvider throwing an exception when the parent member is included along with its children members.
-Some rendering optimizations.

17/02/2016 - version 1.9

-Added option in DefaultOlapProvider to include the parent member along with its children members.
-Added option in DefaultOlapProvider to position the row and column grand totals towards the start or the end of the pivot table.

31/10/2013 - version 1.8

-Fixed a few bugs with the Nimbus Look and Feel.

29/3/2013 - version 1.7

-Added option for displaying the row and column hierarchy names on the pivot table.
-Added methods for removing specific values from the data cache or clearing it completely.
-Added a utility class, OlapPivotUtils, for easily selecting members, hierarchies and dimensions from a pivot table.
-Added methods in OlapCubePanel for retrieving the tree and its scrollpane.
-When an individual measure is now dragged and dropped onto the pivot table, this measure is added to the pivot, instead of the whole measure hierarchy.
-Added MDXDataSource, a DataSource for connecting to databases that use the MDX query language.
-Added modifiable concrete implementations of Olap metadata objects.

13/3/2013 - version 1.6

-Added selection for retrieving all members from a hierarchy or level.
-Added selection for retrieving calculated members from a given set.
-All lists of objects in the library are now replaced with a more suitable type according to the objects they contain (e.g. MemberList, CubeList, DimensionList etc)

12/3/2013 - version 1.5

-A pivot table can now be created from an mdx statement, rather than programmatically.
-An optimization when a lot of measures are in place.

7/3/2013 - version 1.4

-Fixed a crash when assigning an olap filter to a hierarchy that is not being pivoted.
-Fixed a crash while retrieving a database schema and the default member of a measure hierarchy has not been set.

1/2/2013 - version 1.3

-Added a panel for creating multiple pivot table reports (OlapDesignerPanel).

15/1/2013 - version 1.2

-Improved scrolling performance of the PivotTable.
-PivotTable now updates faster after a 'drill' event.
-Improved painting performance of the PivotTable while a column is being resized.

9/1/2013 - version 1.1

-Improved RemoteOlapModel's performance.
-Added an animated wait icon for indicating that a pivot node is expanded.
-Added Icons class for retrieving the various icons used in the library.
-Added option whether to include the row and column separator, and the summary cell.
-Added option whether to show the row header in pivot style.
-Improved OlapProvider's data retrieval performance.

16/11/2012 - version 1.0.4

-The olap pivot types are now taken from PivotConstants instead of OlapTableModel.
-The filter popup now has a minimum size of 200x200 pixels.
-Added a method to OlapUtils for finding a level within a hierarchy using its name.
-A separator column is now used when the row header becomes visible.
-Added method to PivotTable for making the row and column grand totals always visible.
-The pivot styles are now applied from DefaultPivotStyleModel instead of PivotStyle.

10/11/2012 - version 1.0.3

-Fixed cross join selection for mondrian database, that accepts only two sets as arguments.

29/10/2012 - version 1.0.2

-Included better handling of exceptions in the library.

28/8/2012 - version 1.0.1

-Added support for drill-through operations.

10/5/2012 - version 1.0

-First commercial version of the library.