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Citra Pivot

A pivot table is a component for summarizing, organizing and analyzing huge amounts of data. It is the most important visualization interface of an OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) system. With Citra Pivot, you can create advanced pivot tables in Java/Swing and integrate them with your current Java applications.

Citra Pivot, an extension to our Citra Table component, is a framework developed in Java/Swing for creating and visualizing pivot tables. Pivot tables can be created from OLAP Servers conforming to the XML/A specification, but also from in-memory two-dimensional data, originating from flat files.

Features include typical OLAP operations, such as sorting, filtering, slice and dice, drill up/down/through, grand totals, subtotals, visual totals, top/bottom operations, empty cell hiding, axis swapping. Any number of hierarchies can be pivoted, either programmatically or visually, by drag n' drop. The table's appearance can be easily customized by using different colours and fonts for each cell. Context sensitive popup menus provide a user-friendly experience.

The library is also optimized for low memory consumption and high performance. The API is simple, yet powerful, and easy to learn. Last but not least, since Citra Pivot is based on Java/Swing, it can be readily integrated into current Swing applications and products.

In short, the main features are: