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pivot table is a component for summarizing, organizing and analyzing huge amounts of data. It is the most important visualization interface of an OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) system. There are hundreds of pivot table implementations, in various programming languages and architectures, such as C++, C#, Java, Eclipse, Delphi, Excel, Flash, Silverlight etc. Moreover, expensive solutions are offered by big companies, like Microsoft and Oracle. Lately, with the emergence of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), web-based pivot tables represent a large share of the market. Despite this fact, there is still a growing demand for traditional desktop pivot tables, especially in the Java Swing framework. We hope and feel that our Citra Pivot library, a powerful yet affordable pivot table solution, completely developed under Java/Swing, will successfully fill this requirement.


This manual intends to introduce Citra Pivot to developers, to describe and explain its main concepts. No matter how hard we tried to write it, we realize that there are still pieces missing, therefore under no circumstances should it be considered to be a complete description of all Citra Pivot's features and capabilities. The API documentation complements this manual, as well as our developer's forum at For technical questions, we can also be reached via e-mail at