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We have been involved in various projects using Java Swing to build professional applications. Furthermore, we provide component libraries, that focus on the extension of Swing's JTable.

The components currently being offered are:

Citra Table

An extension to JTable that contains features such as sorting, filtering, groupable columns, cell merging, cell resizing, row headers, treetable view, searching, styles, fixed rows/columns and more. Since its release, five years ago, it has been used in numerous projects and applications.

Citra Pivot

Citra Pivot is yet another extension to JTable that displays summary business data across two axes, such as is common in OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) applications. With Citra Pivot, advanced pivot tables can be created from OLAP servers that conform to the XML/A specification, but also from two-dimensional data, that reside in memory. Features include typical OLAP operations, such as sorting, filtering, slice and dice, drill up/down/through, grand totals, subtotals, visual totals, top/bottom operations, empty cell hiding, axis swapping. Since Citra Pivot is based on Java/Swing, it can be readily integrated into current Swing applications.

Latest News

12 November 2012

Citra Pivot developer's manual is released
With Citra Pivot, developers are able to create complex pivot tables in Java Swing.
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