Citra Technologies

About Us

Citra is a new company that was founded in June 2011.

However, Citra's current IT development team was part of a larger company, Scientific Applications, which is a well known supplier of educational and scientific equipment both in the public and private Greek sectors.

As early as 2003, Scientific Applications incorporated IT services as one of its core trades and released a Java Swing JTable extension, Table Library, in 2005. The apparent success of the Table Library product incited and funded the development of a Swing pivot table component that involves Business Intelligence (BI) analysis. Prior to releasing this component, a decision was made to separate the two industries, and thus Citra was born.

Citra's Java components are being used by more than 200 companies worldwide. Our clients range from small companies and individuals to large scale organizations, in various business sectors.

Citra is committed to providing state-of-the-art Java components with a rich set of features. We hope that our products will help companies build their own applications with minimal effort.

Enjoy and have fun!